Farm TroughsFarm Troughs for horses are an easy way to make light work of watering  chores. stocks a large variety of farm troughs ranging anywhere from 30 right up 700 gallons! The 700 gallon tanks are almost the size of a swimming pool!

We have two series of farm troughs. The W Series farm troughs and the AQ Series farm troughs.

The AQ Series farm troughs are our lower end trough. Even though we call it lower end it is a very good water trough. The AQ Series farm troughs come in 5 sizes – 15, 30, 40, 70 & 100 gallon. The 70 and 100 gallon tanks include a 1¼” drain plug (included) for easy draining.

The W Series farm trough are our high end stock watering troughs. They are available in 4 sizes – 100, 155 350 and 700 gallon. Each tank comes with a 1¼” drain plug that can be removed to drain the tank. The larger 350 and 700 gallon tanks also have built in pallet fork openings to easily assist in moving these monsters.

The neat thing about the W Series stock tanks is that they can be fixed if they crack or receive some other damage or abuse. All that needs to be done is to heat the tank using a propane hand held torch and carefully melt the plastic together where the damage has been done. You can effetively stop any leak you had, easily. recommends using caution when using this method.

So check out our lineup of farm troughs today.

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